Monday, February 20, 2012

Bubbles & Sidewalk Chalk

Last Saturday I was out running errands and I ended up at my least favorite place in the world. Walmart. As soon as I got in there I couldn't remember what I needed - I blame that on the atmosphere. Instead of leaving (like every molecule in my body was screaming for me to do) I headed back to the toy section...logical, yes? That's where I found a big bubble wand and some sidewalk chalk! Walmart had temporarily redeemed itself. (It was the most random trip to Walmart. Ever.)

So that afternoon I took Grant outside to play. As soon as he saw the bubble wand he said "Bubbles! Bubbles!" which I had no idea he knew how to say (he seems to say something new every day). We had so much fun with the bubbles! Grant was running all over the yard chasing them and trying to pop them.

He got a little upset when I put away the bubbles. But it was getting chilly and I wanted to show him the sidewalk chalk. Ok, so he definitely didn't love it as much as the bubbles - which we heard about for the rest of night (seriously he even whispered "bubbles" while he was eating dinner) - but he did have some fun with it.

He didn't have as much fun with with the chalk as he did with the bubbles. But he impressed me by not trying to eat the chalk. That's kind of a big step considering that if there is a crayon around, Grant will make a snack out of it.

But anyway, we had a great time playing outside together. And Grant was so much fun to watch when he went running after the bubbles. Then would say "All gone" and run back to me to blow more bubbles. Adorable :) So, my trip to Walmart was actually worth it. You win this round, Walmart.

Side Note: When I first heard Grant yell "bubbles!" having no clue that he knew the word, I immediately thought: Tiny genius! Husband asked a teacher at Grant's day care if they play with bubbles and they do so he crushed my tiny genius theory when he came home with that story. But it's ok, he seems to learn a new word (or two or three) every day so I'm keeping those tiny genius dreams alive. Hey, I'm his Mama - I'm supposed to think he's the cutest, smartest, most perfect boy ever!

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