Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday at the Science Museum

Superbowl Sunday is a great day to visit museums. It seems to have kept the crowd to a minimum. It was sort of a spontaneous trip. Since it was a yucky day the playground and park where I would have loved to have taken a walk was out of the question. But I really wanted to get out of the house. I needed to run an errand anyway so I thought why not take Grant downtown to the Museum of Natural Sciences. I love some free entertainment on a dreary day.

Grant hasn't been to this museum since he's been old enough to be aware of the stuff there. I figured he'd have fun. I was right. He was A-MAZED. And I think that he liked being able to walk around himself (we had the stroller but only used it to hold coats and the diaper bag) and look at everything. The first thing he did when we walked in was look up at the ceiling where he saw the huge whale bones hanging. He pointed and yelled "OOOOHHH!!" And the aquariums were big attractions for him too.
(Disclaimer: I forgot the camera so these are phone pictures - sorry)

There was a lot of pointing.

Grant liked to wave and say "bye-bye" to the turtles because
it looked like they were waving at him :)

The whale bones Grant loved so much
What's in there, Daddy?

I tried to put Grant down in the tree for a picture but
he freaked out a little. So I posed with him on
a day when I decided to skip make-up. Oh well.

There were also dinosaurs hanging from the ceiling in
one room and he spotted those immediately.
As soon as we got off the elevator on the third floor there was a giant
spinning globe that Grant pointed at and yelled at the top of
his tiny lungs "BALL! BALL!"

Checking out a view of Raleigh.

We didn't stay too long but we had a good time. Grant was so much fun to watch when we pointed things out but it was even more fun when he noticed things himself (because he was much louder). I'm so looking forward to taking him to the zoo - when it gets warmer - and to some of the aquariums around.

All that adventure wore him out!

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  1. it looks like you guys had a good time. i love the picture of him pointing up at the ceiling :)


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