Saturday, July 14, 2012

Road Trippin': Part Two

I meant to do this a week ago. Honestly, I didn't feel like it. Mostly because after only one post, I decided that blogging from my phone is not my favorite thing. Maybe I just have too much to say. So I'm not separating day one and day two like I did in my other post.

The first day of the trip home was much as we'd expected. Grant was good, like on the way up, but slightly more spoiled so more in need of attention. By the time we got to Syracuse he was saying every word he knows - and repeating anything we were saying - in order to get attention. The problem with that being...we were in a car. So when we made a stop we decided that we could bust out the DVD player that didn't get much use on the trip north. Husband selected Thomas the Train - which delighted Grant since he loves choo-choos. That was a decision soon regretted because, as it turns out, Thomas the Train is really annoying. And as the DVD player was directly behind my head it was really hard to ignore.

We hit super awful traffic just before crossing into PA. Surprise! I swear they've had this stretch of road under construction for 10 years. Every year we hope they're done...and every year they're not. So all that put us behind. After a quick stop to pee and switch to Dumbo in the DVD player (and an unspoken agreement to never again put in Thomas the Train) we were on our way to the hotel for the night. We stopped for dinner before getting to the hotel because we'd been held up so much by traffic and then got there between 7-7:30. Just in time to take Grant for a quick swim before settling in for the night.

He really loved all the swimming he got to do
on vacation.
We got going as early as we could. We hit some more crappy traffic in the morning through Maryland/West Virginia putting us a little behind and it didn't help that Grant had pretty much had it with being in the car. We definitely used the DVD player (our secret weapon supposedly) on the return trip south than we did going north. But I do have to say that Grant did WAY better than we had even hoped. So many people said that this is a terrible age for him to travel in the car but for the most part he did really great.

We stopped at the VA welcome center for a diaper change/bathroom stop. I went into the area with all the brochures because I have to look at those things no matter where we go. It was in there when we said "Ok, time to get back in the car" that Grant decided to throw his fit. He just didn't want to get back in. Poor guy. I'm sure some people thought we were kidnapping him. But it didn't take too long to settle him back in.

Taken at the VA welcome center. I thought it was cute.
Husband said when he saw it "I would LOVE to be
home right now."
After lunch somewhere in VA, Grant napped in the car for a bit and then we were home by 5:30-6:00 (I think). It was pretty much a relief for all of us to get home and have a day to relax before going back to work. And Grant could let out some of that energy that he'd been stifling for two days.

More posts and pictures of the trip coming soon. I just need to find the patience to resize all the pictures I want to post.

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