Monday, July 30, 2012

Pee Pee Problems

Mornings are not exactly the time of day when I should be making impulse decisions. Monday mornings especially. But when I woke Grant up this morning and noticed that he had a dry diaper (seriously dry, the little guy held it all night) I made the immediate decision to put him on the potty. I ran into the bathroom where Husband was showering, grabbed the potty and brought it to Grant's room thinking that the shower sound might distract him. That was a no go, bad idea. Potty in the bedroom threw him off completely. I can't say that I blame him.

At that point Husband was out of the shower so we moved the potty and our half naked toddler to the bathroom. Husband gave him a magazine (he asks for them now) and he sat for a minute. Then he got up and kind of squatted on the floor reading the magazine.

Husband says "Do you want to sit on the potty? Do you have to go?" Grant says no.

Then there is pee on the magazine. Not a lot, but pee just the same. That is when we notice some pee in the potty too. So while Grant is pointing at the peed on magazine saying "Oh messy" we're trying to praise him for going in the potty. We ask if he has to go more, he says no and then disappears for minute. So I clean out the potty.

Not a minute later Grant comes  back to the bathroom holding himself and looks at me with the most innocent face and says "Pee pee?" It was the first time he's ever told me he had to go...and it was Monday morning so my response was "Huh?". Then he sprinkled on the floor. I realized what was going on and before I could stop myself said "Oh no!" because I felt bad that I didn't react the way I should.

Tears. Big ones. Streaming down Grant's little face. I almost broke down. I felt like the most horrible mom in the world. I always tell him to let me know if he has to go and I'll get him on the potty and he finally does and I don't realize it. THEN he thinks I'm yelling at him! We got him calmed down pretty quick and smiling again. I kept telling him how great it was that he let me know he had to go. I still feel pretty awful about the whole thing. I've ordered a potty book for us to read together and I need to learn to control my reactions. Perhaps I should just squash any impulse decisions that leap into my mind on Monday mornings. I hope I didn't scare him away from the potty!

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  1. I probably would have done the same thing - lol. I am so not looking forward to this whole potty training thing - can we just hire someone to do it for us :)


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