Thursday, August 2, 2012

Every Dog Needs a Boy

To say that Grant loves dogs is an understatement. We can not be anywhere that a dog is in sight without him pointing out repeatedly until one or both of us says "Oh yes, I see the doggy!" And he loves to point them out to me when we read too. Our vacation meant that we were going to meet my sister's dog, Lennon, for the first time. He is a giant, loveable black lab and he and Grant were instant friends.

Ready to go swimming together!
Unlike our dog who tries to avoid Grant's affections, Lennon just sat there and occaisionally gave a lick on the face. Grant yelled to him, sat on him, pulled his ears, and every other annoying thing that if I were a dog would make me bite his face off. My sister said that Lennon was constantly looking for Grant when weren't around and when ever we'd leave my sister's house Grant would say "Bye-bye my Leneen". And even though it's been a month since he's seen him, Grant will still say Lennon's name when he sees his picture. Sweetest. thing. ever.

"I love you, man!"

"No, I do! I love you!"

Helping Uncle AJ wrestle with Lennon (The bystander is Lincoln,
he has bad hips and can't play so rough. Poor guy!)

That's what patience looks like. (I love the look on AJ's face!)

"Ok kid, I've been seriously patient with you. Just a bite?"

Love :)

"Lennon, it's my last day here. Why aren't we playing?"

Hugs for Lennon.


  1. this is so sweet! you should show these pictures to brodie and see if he gets jealous.

  2. It's something about boys and dogs! Aydan is all over Tango too - trying to sit on him, hugging him to death. Tango takes it for a few minutes and then goes upstairs.


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