Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grant Turns 2!!!

So yesterday was the big day! Actually, today is technically the big day because today Grant actually turns two! And yesterday we had Grant's birthday party here at home where he got to celebrate with lots of family and friends.

I decorated a little out front because I ordered WAY
too much of that checkered flag banner stuff. Look at
my adorable balloon wreath!

A little cheesy but I think it's cute

Grant loves his monster truck tattoos!

 Some checkered flag chocolates for the party-goers to take home.
 So...the cake. I had told everyone I was going to make Grant a big 3D monster truck cake. In my head it wasn't going to be too hard. I figured that I've made harder stuff before. As it turns out, I was wrong. It was definitely going to be too difficult with the amount of time I had. So I made this instead:

A monster truck rally complete with spectators and
the Monster Jam logo turned into Grant's birthday logo :)

And he loved it! The first time he saw it he said "Oh man! Oh man!"

Posing with his cake in his birthday shirt
and his spikey new 'do
 After we all had lunch and visited some, Grant got to open his presents! It was a little tough to keep him focused, he really wanted to play with them as soon as he opened them. He kept saying "Open it? Open it?" or "Get it off" pointing to the box. He really loved all his presents!

Showing off his tattoo


Monster truck pop-up card!


Silly Husband

He loves to play with his Daddy's drill but
now he has his own!
And there were a couple presents outside...

His very own tractor from Auntie Hollie and soon-to-be-uncle Travis!

It has pedals but until he learns I think it's going to be parent-powered

Handsome little farmer wannabe

He abandoned his tractor when he saw the trampoline from
Grandma and Grandpa

Having a great time :)

 We managed to get Grant inside to have some cake.

He has a sweet tooth like his Mama

But it wasn't long before he wanted to go back out and play with his toys. Since he still had guests...Husband made him compromise.

The tractor came inside...where he found a new use for his legos

And poor Brodie, who was stuck outside all day, got
to come in for a little treat of his own.

After the party was over - and Husband and I were struggling to stay awake - Grant asked to watch trucks (which means one of the 12 episodes of Monster Jam we have saved in the DVR). He started gathering up all his trucks to play with and that seems to be when he realized how big his collection has gotten...

I love his excited face!
Grant had the best day! Thank you SO much to everyone who came to celebrate with us!


  1. Can't believe the 'lil man' is 2! Time flies. Enjoy every minute b/c before you know it he'll be all grown up. Love you guys! So sorry we weren't able to be there for the fun. Thanks for sending cake. It was delicious...but then again...everything you bake is delicious!

    Vickie & Dewey

  2. Looks like he got some great stuff! That cake is amazing!!!! You did awesome. and I love the parking sign!


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