Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Years

My little man is officially two, hard to believe. Time really does go by fast. He is getting to be such a big boy!

Two Years Old

  • I'm not going to guess how tall he is or how much he weighs. His two year check up is Tuesday so I'll do an update then.
  • PACI FREE!!!!!!! I've been attempting it for a while, but two weeks ago before bed he reached for it and I asked him if he wanted to sleep like a big guy. He said yes and went to bed without it and has done really well every since. Hooray Grant!
  • Huge appetite lately. Like a bottomless pit. I hear this means growth spurt!
  • Loves to brush his teeth. If I try to do it without his hand at least touching the brush he says "I do it!!"
  • Which brings me to talking...and a lot of it. Nonstop. I love it! And we're actually understanding a lot of what he's saying now. Complete sentences all the time and he's very big on repeating.
  • He watches more TV than I'd like right now and I want to try to get away from that. But his favorite things right now, besides Monster Jam which remains #1, are Chuggington,Thomas the Train (very into trains), and Octonauts.
  • Potty training has stalled, not that we were trying very hard anyway. But ever since he had his accident on the floor he hasn't wanted to sit on the potty. It's totally a comfort thing because he knows what's what. He tells us when he goes in his diaper and if I ask if he'd rather where underpants, he says "No, diaper!". He's hard-headed like his Mama and he'll get there, I know. When he's ready (much like the paci).
  • Loves bath least until he actually has to get washed. But once his hair is done he pretty much gets happy again. He likes to ask for soap so he can "wash" his squirty bath toy Percy (from Thomas the Train).

  • Very independent. He doesn't like to be held much when we're out (or ride in a cart). "I walk!" he tells me. He doesn't like to be fed food anymore, even if it's coming from someone else's plate "I do it!". He just wants to do everything himself.
  • Loves to play the "got your nose" game. He'll say "Gimme 'at noseth!" while pinching your nose. Too cute.
  • Husband would tell you otherwise, but I think he listens pretty well for a two-year-old.
  • Has some manners! We still have to prompt him with "please" but he almost always says "thank you" when he should. He even said "'cuse me" when he burped this weekend. It's so cute!
  • Pretty good with sharing and I'm really hoping it stays that way!
  • We've been working on colors, numbers, and ABC's. He can identify some colors (red, green, and yellow mostly but sometimes purple). He can count to 10 but can only apply it up to two. Doesn't sound like a big thing but I'm so proud of him. And he'll do his ABC's up to D and after that he starts over :)
  • Time-outs, when needed, have escalated to 5 minutes. So far they seem to work when we need them to.
  • He has learned how to work his Mama. Several times over the past month when I was trying to scold him for something he shouldn't do (nothing big) and he'd just look up at me with this big grin. I can't help but smile back at him!
While outside for pictures he heard a motorcycle.
"Hey! Mo-cycoo!" He loves anything with an engine.

Never sits still for long.
So that's that for now! I'll have another update after his check-up...but this is going to be the last of Grant's monthly updates. But I know he's got lots of stuff in store for me to post about!

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  1. I love the spikey hair!
    I am so happy that he is Paci Free! Isn;t it awesome! we have been for a couple of weeks too and it has been great!


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