Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Balloon Wreath

I love wreaths. L-O-V-E them. And I firmly believe they are not just for Christmas...that just happens to be the only time I've hung one on my front door. But Pinterest has opened my wreath-loving-heart to wreaths for all seasons.

It was there that I discovered birthday balloon wreaths. It's about as much fun as front door can possibly have.

I loosely based mine on the one shown here. I say loosely because hers is much more impressive than mine. And she used more stuff.

But I have to say, I'm loving mine.

The post that I linked to above has great instructions and all the supplies you'll need. I didn't use all the adorable ribbon and tulle like she did. I went with just balloons and then added some twisted pipe cleaners when I was done because I felt like it needed something else.

Your base is a straw wreath (leave the plastic on!) that you can find at any craft store. I had contemplated a bigger size but ended up using a 12-inch wreath. Once I got all the balloons on I was very glad I didn't get anything bigger. You pin each balloon using one floral pin per balloon, also available at any craft store. Note: If you're in the Raleigh-ish area, I found Carolina Pottery to have the cheapest pins at .59 per box. I used somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 assorted balloons, the 12" size. I found them in bags of 72 at Party City. Four bags later I had pretty much covered the wreath. That's a lot of balloons. P.S. They stink.

How much fun is that?!
Close up to show the twisted pipe cleaners (also
attached with floral pins).
I started this project thinking it would be an inexpensive party decoration that I could keep using for at least the next few years. Since I used the assorted color balloons, it can really be used for anyone's birthday. HOWEVER, inexpensive it is not. Balloons aren't cheap. Ok, they are when you buy one bag of 72 but not when buying 300. Husband's jaw hit the floor when I told him I spent between $50-$60 on this thing. I tried the "I can keep using it!" justification but he just shook his head at me (he wasn't actually mad, but I know he thinks some of my crafty adventures are a little ridiculous).

Anyway, I'm super happy with how it turned out. It will be so perfect on our front door welcoming people to Grant's birthday party.

Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that it stays attached to the door. Because if a hurricane comes through like it did last year, I'm likely to lose that wreath. Considering last year's birthday hurricane took the side door off the house.

Anyboday else have some fun birthday decor ideas?


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