Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

Growing up we didn't have a pool. Our neighbors did, which worked out great because we got to use it. A lot. But we also loved running through the sprinkler. Wasn't that the best? My dad even had a length of hose that he had poked holes in that the would run up the back hill and we'd run down the hill going through the "homemade" sprinkler. It was great.

Now I'm a grown up and I still don't have a pool. I've been contemplating all summer about a kiddie pool but never committed. While we were on vacation, my sister's neighbor (formerly known as my parent's neighbor) gave Grant a gift of an Octopus Sprinkler.

It looks something like this:
And it's pretty freaking fun.

We didn't get to use it on vacation, but that's ok because there was lots of swimming to be done. But not long after we got back home I decided to bust it out of the package. It was a hot day but luckily there was a shady spot in the front yard so we set up there. I got Grant in his [adorable] swimming gear and me in my [not so adorable] swimming gear and headed outside. He was leery at first, didn't quite know what to make of it. So started running through it to show him how fun it was. He caught on pretty quick.

He liked grabbing the arms and spraying them like a hose.

 We hadn't been playing with it long before I realized that the arms weren't flexible enough so it wasn't spraying really well. So I decided to pull off the foamy part and found there was a plastic, much more flexible tube underneath. After that, we had even more fun because it was spraying like crazy.

My favorite picture of the day, a bit out of focus but I love it
because it shows how incredibly happy he was!

My second favorite picture of the day. Look at that face!
We played with the sprinkler for a long time. I was getting worn out and Grant was breathing so hard the neighbors could probably hear him. I put away the sprinkler while Grant cried because he wanted to keep playing and Husband came out to wash my car. The crying abruptly stopped when Husband showed Grant how to use the hose and Grant got to help wash the car.

His little shorts were soaked so I just let him run
around in his swimming diaper. CUTE!

It was such a great Sunday. And writing this post has made me realize we need to do it again really soon!

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