Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Growin' Up

I have mentioned in a previous post that at Grant's day care, when you turn two are immediately booted out of the comfort zone known as the Toddler Room to join...well, more toddlery toddlers. That next step is known at daycare as Little Two's. What I didn't mention is that on the rare occasions when Grant has had to be left in the Little Two's he acts like we've dropped him off at Gitmo. Crying, screaming, terrified...the works. Like it turns into a toddler sweatshop when we turn our back. So we've been prepping ourselves for the horrible reports to come in less than two months.

Yesterday was Grant's first day back at day care after vacation. And we got a shock. They moved him up to Little Two's almost two months early! Husband is in charge of day care duty 95% of the time, so I got the memo by text. I was totally unprepared. They had little ones moving up from the Waddler Room to the Toddler Room so moves had to be made and Grant was one of the ones they picked! I was simultaneously proud (that they pick my little guy to move early) but scared and sad too (because it means he's growing up AND because he was terrified of that room). I am not a worrier. I'm just not. But I sat at my desk all day thinking about my little man being put in that room that he's so scared of.

But you know what? He did GREAT! He had a great day with the "new" kids and the teacher said he didn't cry at all. I was so excited! We've known they're not big on paci's in this room so we haven't even brought one for him this week which means he's napping without one (now we just have to work on night time!) AND there is a potty in this room so it will help us with that too. I'm so proud of my big little guy!

Hooray Grant!

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