Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shut Up and Kiss Me

When Grant started at his current day care, we found out that there was a little girl in his room (the Waddler Room) with the same birth date as him. Her name is Laney. They pretty much hit it off and became friends - as much as two kids that age can. At some point the day care ladies started calling her Grant's "girlfriend". But they moved her up to the Toddler Room a few months before Grant because she was kind of a bossy pants - a.k.a a bully & biter - and wanted her to be with the bigger kids to maybe help her not do that stuff.

They were reunited when Grant moved up to the Toddler Room too.

Enter, Riley.

Riley became the new day care "girlfriend". We were told that Grant and Riley would go off and play together and then look embarrassed when a teacher called one or both of their names. And their nap mats were next to each other and apparently the two of them would lay there and giggle together until they both fell asleep. How adorable is that?!

It was a short lived romance. When a child in the Toddler Room turns two they are immediately moved into the Two's and Three's Room. And about two weeks ago Riley turned two and got evicted from the Toddler Room...but Laney is still there.

99.9% of Grant's interaction with other kids happens at day care. Where I don't get to see it. But yesterday I got a surprise. And adorable, hysterical surprise. I was picking Grant up in the afternoon and Laney greeted me as I walked through the door. Then she helped me pack up Grant's cups so we could go. That's when she and Grant faced each other and she yelled "Bye bye!" in his face. He had no time to say it back because Laney grabbed Grant by the shoulders, pulled him in, and gave him a big kiss right on the lips! It was too damn adorable. The teacher looked at me like I was going to be mad (sharing germs, maybe? I dunno) but I was laughing and I asked Grant if this was his first kiss from a girl. He actually blushed and made a bee-line for the door saying "Aside? Aside?" which is Grant-speak for wanting to go outside. His embarrassment made the whole thing even cuter.


  1. omg! so cute. he is such a little stud muffin. im glad you were there to see it <3

  2. OMG, too. Mr. Growny Pants. He is definitely growing up too fast.


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