Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

It was really Father's Weekend. We had our Father's Day get-together on Saturday instead of Sunday because my sister-in-law and her boyfriend were in town. So we had the two of them, my father-in-law and his wife over for a cookout (referenced in my previous post about the chocolate cake). I'm sorry to say that I have no pictures from the evening. I spent a lot more time in the kitchen than I did for Mother's Day and in our cleaning-up process the camera got put somewhere and it slipped my mind to get it out. But we all had a great time...especially Grant because he was the center of attention. He's always shy with people at first, but once he realizes that everyone wants to play with him then he's all about it.

Sunday, at Husband's request, we had a very lazy day. After being thrown up on by Grant (because he's sick - again) we pretty much sat around until Grant went down for his nap. Then Husband mowed the lawn and I ran some errands with Grant after he woke up but that was really the most effort that either of us put forth. But sometimes you really just need a lazy day.

Grant and his Daddy (and his new bat and ball from his Grandpa!)

After a very unusual nap #2, Grant remained upright only
long enough to walk from his room to ours so he could
cuddle with Daddy and watch nascar.

Then while Daddy finished watching the race (I'd sooner have
needles in my eyes), I took my little slugger outside
to practice hitting the ball. He may just be the next
Derek Jeter (only much, much cuter)!
I may have mentioned before that Husband is the worst person in the world to buy for. The only things he ever "needs" are clothes - which I've been forbidden to buy for him. And all of his "wants" are expensive enough that he just doesn't tell me - because he knows he won't get them. But for occasions like Father's Day, I think the gifts should be special and/or unique. Last year I got him a key chain with his favorite picture of Grant on it and "Happy First Father's Day 2011" on the back. It broke like a month later. Go me.

But this year, I think I picked a pretty good one. And Grant even helped me with it! Husband is a collector of sports cards and sports memorabilia. So I "made" a baseball with Grant's hand print on it and the date then put "Happy Father's Day" on the side:

 And then I put it in one of those cases so it would look like the real deal:

I think he liked it very much.
I hope that any of the Daddy's who may happen to stumble upon this post had a great Father's Day/Weekend!

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