Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mohawk: FAIL

A month ago - maybe more - I saw a Living Social deal for a website that does birthday invitations and what-not. It was a good deal so I bought it thinking that if they didn't have an invitation that suited Grant's birthday party then I could always use it for Christmas cards.


The voucher expires in July - like next month - so Christmas cards were out. Grant is, of course, having a monster truck birthday party this year and while this website offered many adorable birthday invitation options...I got the impression that they design these things for the kind of kids who don't actually get dirty (let alone the kind of kid who learns to say "Grave Digger" before learning to tell his Mama that he loves her). So I set out to turn an invitation into a monster truck theme by taking pictures of Grant with his big Grave Digger and a couple other hot wheels trucks he has.

And I had the brilliant idea of giving him a mohawk. In my head it was hysterical...and adorable. But when I actually attempted it...well...

His hair is way too long for this
type of shenanigans.

 I really should have seen it coming. If you know me in real life and see my hair on a regular basis then you know that I shouldn't be allowed within 50 feet of anyone elses's hair. But I tried it anyway and learned that mousse does not make a happy mohawk. And having his hair played with every five seconds does not make a happy Grant.

I ended up trying to tame the crazy hair a bit and skipped the mohawk entirely. It may have worked if I had the right gel...and actually got Grant's hair cut on a normal schedule. But anyway, I did manage to get some cute pictures after I came to my senses. And some day Grant will probably find the above pictures and say "What the #%&* was she thinking?!" 

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