Wednesday, June 27, 2012

22 Months

What's this big guy up to?
  • Still around 26 pounds (found this out at a recent appointment for yet another ear infection).
  • Clothes - working into mostly 2T but still has a few 12 month and 18 month stuff that fits comfortably.
  • Shoes - just bought his first pair of size 7's a few weeks ago. Big feet like his Daddy!
  • A tiny bit more adventurous with food but not much. But we're thankful that he'll at least eat chicken now.
  • Repeats everything. We try to be very careful.
  • Still loves trucks. We are anticipating the day that it not longer comes out "fruck".
  • Very independent. And opinionated.
  • Knows the rules but loves to test his limits.
  • Loves to try walking around the house in our shoes.
  • No longer answers "no" to everything. We've discovered that real answers are nice.
  • Watches more TV lately (not thrilled about this). Usually whatever is on Nick Jr. for about half hour in the morning and can generally talk us into 30-45 minutes of Monster Jam in the evening. He has started noticing Disney movies when they're on and will also sit still for Dinosaur Train.
  • Is becoming more able to tell us when something hurts or if he's not feeling well. Bumps are now healed with a kiss :)
  • A few months back I found an article titled 25 Words Every Toddler Should Know by Age 2. Since then I've gone back to the list and am very happy that Grant uses all 25 regularly...and a whole lot more. He's a big talker.
  • Loves to play outside. Will always choose outside over inside. I love that.
  • Favorite playground attraction: the slide. Working his way up to the big boy swings.
  • Big on books. Loves it when Mama reads to him but will go through them on his own too. I'm so happy he's a book lover.
  • No longer sleeps well in our bed (but loves to play on it). Prefers his crib over anywhere else to sleep.
  • Will make us aware when he has to pee (and sometimes poop) and wants to sit on the potty. He just rarely every goes there.
  • I'm pretty sure this child could live on cheese (he totally gets that from me).
  • Says I love you ("I low loo") a lot now. It's awesome.

I'm about to have a sappy-mom-moment. Sorry.

With Grant's 2nd birthday quickly approaching I'm noticing how much he's grown up. Like really grown up. Every day more and more. He is all toddler, I feel certain there is no baby left in him at all. I tend to get very emotional about it but rarely let people see it. Sometimes I still miss that babyness of him. It used to make me sad that he almost never wants to cuddle anymore. But it's taught me to appreciate the times when he does. And now we play. Real playing. The best part? He loves to play with us. I can't get enough of it. You hear so many people say it at so many stages of their kids lives but it's true: he's so much fun right now. But it's really hitting me how much I need to enjoy this because the last two year have flown by. I was watching him climb the slide at the park the other day - by himself, no Mama needed - and I still have no idea how he got to that point so fast. Or when we're in the car and he points out a tractor, if I don't respond quickly he asks "See it? See it?" Wait, what? One morning he leaves for school and by the time he's picked up we're having conversations?

But when I get past my moment's of "What happened to my baby?" I get to see the awesomeness of toddler-hood. It was recently pointed out how dramatic Grant can be. It's probably my fault, I totally encourage that and have probably taught it too him. And I absolutely L-O-V-E his excited screams. I encourage those too. Doesn't everyone want a happy child? Well, I'm lucky. I have one. And watching him experience new things or get excited about the not-so-new...well, it's pretty amazing.

This is probably my last post for at least a week (unless I figure out mobile blogging). We're leaving in a few days on our first real family vacation. I'm so excited!


  1. Love the excitement that child shows! Scream, baby, scream!


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