Friday, June 1, 2012


At approximately 6:45 this morning, we entered a new Toddler Phase. It was very unexpected. I figured Grant was too young to start this.

It happened when Grant picked up a dryer sheet off the bedroom floor that was laying next to a pile of laundry I haven't had time made time to fold yet. He held it up to me and said "Eeeeeew" Something he says a lot (especially about the dog).

I said, "Ok, give it to me. I'll throw it out."

"Why?" Grant asked.

I thought nothing of it. "Because it's trash", I replied.

"Why?" *queue the menacing music*

"Because...when something is trash, you throw it away."


At this point I hear Husband's voice from the computer room "Oh no!".

And so we have entered The Why Stage. It literally happened over night.

Wish us luck.


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