Thursday, May 31, 2012

21 Months

Special treat this month - all pictures courtesy of my friend Elizabeth who took time out of her long weekend to snap some awesome pictures of my cutie. Thanks friend!

It's so hard to believe that this grown up guy, who was once my tiny baby, is going to be two years old in just three short months. He is such a toddler these days and growing more every day. I know my monthly posts are getting slightly redundant...even for me. So this is going to be mostly pictures with a list of what's going on with Grant.

  • Weight is around 26 lbs I think. I got Grant to stand on the bathroom scale long enough for it to actually read a weight. As to how accurate it is...well, I know that when I step on it it's usually off by about 20-30 pounds.
  • Food favs: mac & cheese is #1 always (for any meal, really); for breakfast it's pancakes and waffles; banana is his favorite fruit but apples are a close second; he loves to snack on graham crackers and cheezits. He seems to think veggies are made of poison because he won't touch them anymore.
  • Clothes: he's finally moving more into size 18 month clothes (which means he can wear most of his new summer clothes now!) but can still wear quite a few of his size 12 month shorts (some are too short for his looong legs). Still in 24 month/2T t-shirts.
  • Sleeps well at night most of the time. Wakes up some but will go back to sleep after a visit from the pacifier fairy (that situation is getting much better - but we still use it at night).
  • Hates the bath now. Specifically, having his hair washed. It's such a rough life.
  • Most of the time, doesn't mind having his teeth brushed.
  • Talker, talker, talker. Grant is always talking about something these days (whether we understand him or not) and repeating a lot of things he hears us say too - which means we're learning to be careful. His pronunciations are getting better and he's stringing more words together in attempts to make sentences. So super cute :)
  • Absolutely loves to play outside. I think he'd live at the playground if he could.
  • If there is a dog around, Grant will make you aware of it.
  • Can't get enough of his books. He loves our story time before bed. He'll carry his milk cup into the bedroom and pat the rocking chair telling me to "Sit...sit!"
  • In addition to his ever present monster truck obsession, he's also become a big fan of buses (which comes out "busth" with his little toddler lisp) and trains (which he calls a "shoo-shoo").
  • Much to our dismay, he's become quite the climber. Grant's climbing skills have escalated from the playground slide to climbing our [rather high] bed and now climbing into his highchair when he's hungry. 
  • From what we can tell - he enjoys day care. When we ask him in the morning if he wants to go to school, he says "Way-dee?" Which is Grant-speak for "Ready?" and he heads toward the door.
Ok...more pictures!

My little Hurricanes fan!

Love the Raleigh skyline in the background!
I loooove the pictures! I'm so lucky to have such a talented (and patient) friend. Thanks again, Elizabeth!

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