Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 16 - Top Five Things In Life You'd Like An Explanation For

1. Why do they sell mint chocolate chip ice cream that isn't green?! Unless I am absolutely desperate for some mint chocolate chip...like gonna-die-without-it desperate...I won't buy it if it's not green. I've even had Husband call me from the freezer section to ask what kind of ice cream he should buy and I tell him "Which ever mint chocolate chip is on sale. Unless it's a kind that's not green. Then get cookies & cream." We've been together too long for him to tell me it's weird.

2. Crocs. This probably should have gone on Day 12 but so many other things were swimming through my brain that day. I don't get them. They're horrible. My mom had a pair (I think they may have been the fake ones) and all she used them for was to pick up poop in the back yard. And that's really about all they're good for.

3. (This one comes courtesy of my sis) Spray cheese. Why is it sooo good?

Ok, ok...I know I'm not being serious and this topic sorta seems like it wants me to be.

4. The Welfare System. I'm not trying to get all political here, but you gotta admit it's a pretty effed up system. Though probably not to the people who are living off of it. Yes, I know there are people out there who do need it. But SO many more that don't. Or they did need it and then found it easier so they just continued to live off the taxpayers rather than going out to find a job and actually working. And then they bring kids into it and their kids grow up seeing how easy it is to live off the government. Sorry...but this is something that really amps me up so I'm going to stop before I get too carried away.

5. Why do bad things happen to good people? I don't mean those people who use facebook as a means to complain about how much they hate their job or what a bad day they had (seriously people...it's a status update, not a diary). I mean those people who have horrible things happen to them - and yes I'm sure they have their moments, who wouldn't? - but for the most part they carry on and try to look at every situation positively. And still do good things and are still good people. Because that's who they are.

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