Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School Pictures - 20 Months

Grant has been in two day cares (we're very happy with the current one, so we don't foresee any changes - knock on wood!) and they've done "school pictures" at both. We never bought any at the first day care. They did picture day twice that I remember. The first time Grant was very small and floppy...they just didn't get great pictures of him. The second time it was because the props/backgrounds seemed very girl-oriented. They'd have Grant, who looked very cute, sitting underneath a giant pink flower or something like that. Plus, they never looked as great as the ones my friend Elizabeth has taken of him (check out his 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months picture she did).  We've also passed on one picture package with this new day care too. I don't even really remember them, but it was probably one of those days where we had no idea it was picture day and he wore whatever was clean to school that day. Tell me it doesn't happen to you!

But this time we had warning. I picked out a cute outfit. I made sure his hair wasn't his usual, crazy Dennis-the-Menace style that takes time in the morning to tame. I sent him off that morning and forgot 5 minutes after I left that it was picture day. Then the proofs came. I took one look and demanded to know how they made him look so grown up. I couldn't get over it. There is absolutely NO baby left in these pictures! They sent two proofs (I like to imagine the other ones look similar to when Santa came to town). I picked one and told Husband I had to have it. A bit dramatic, yes...but seriously. I had to have it. It's not that it's a spectacular picture - I know that. I can't explain it. I just kinda love it :)

He just looks so grown up!


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