Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monster Jam - 2014

Spring brings lots of things and in our house one of those things is Monster Jam. We usually start scouring their schedule in December or January to see when its coming to Raleigh so we can make our plans. We took Grant to see his first Monster Jam event when he was about 1 1/2 and since then it's been a yearly thing for us. We got our tickets early in March and the event was the weekend before Easter. All week we were reminding Grant about what we were doing and was so excited. 

So of course, he had to stay home sick the day before with a nasty cough...and of course we had to go to the doctor who put him on breathing treatments and an antibiotic for a sinus/ear infection. And of course he had an allergic reaction to that antibiotic that landed us in the ER Friday night. But thankfully, it wasn't bad and they got him fixed up quick and he seemed to feel great Saturday morning so the decision was made to go to Monster Jam.

Monster trucks used to be #1 in Grant's little heart but over the last two years he's been into other things too. So Monster Jam isn't watched at home like it used to be (though he still loves his truck toys!) which made me surprised at how excited he was to be going. He was so excited he couldn't nap or even sit still while we got ready. I heard him say to Husband at one point "Are you ready to go? If you're not ready to go, we're gonna leave you!" It was making me more excited to take him :)

Madusa, Hooked, Stone Crusher, Crusader, Monster Mutt, and Grave Digger
Raleigh is one of their smaller events, so as always there were only 6 trucks - but some favorites of Grant's and he even knew some of the drivers.

Wheelie Competition:

Crash! Grant was so excited :)

I think Stone Crusher won that part.
Then they had a new competition that I don't remember what it was called and then the racing. Which is not really much of a race...but very exciting if you're 3 1/2.

After the racing they do a break to set up for the Freestyle Competition...which is really what everyone comes to see. In the PNC arena they can't do all the fancy stuff they show on TV but they do manage some pretty impressive jumps.

Too interested in the action for pictures!
Madusa (I don't like that one)
Monster Mutt - my favorite!
Another crash!
Stone Crusher
Grave Digger is a fan favorite around here, so he goes last always.
And he crashed too!
This year was action packed if you like crashes...and what little boy doesn't? (No one was hurt, so that's good.) This was the first year that Grant sat in his seat. He was too scared the first year and last year he couldn't really see from there, but this year was just right :) We had such a good time watching him get so excited. I'm so glad he felt better so we could go. We have a "someday" idea that we'll take him to one of the big events at a stadium when he gets a little older (if he's still so into it). 

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