Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Bears Acres - 2014

Saturday was a gorgeous day. And our weather has been a little unpredictable so we took advantage of the sunny day by using some groupon tickets we had to Three Bears Acres. We went there last year too and Grant had such a good time that when discount admission was offered again, I couldn't pass it up. 

Grant was pumped and seemed to remember some of the stuff to do there. Of course, once we got there and he was surrounded by everything, his toddler ADD kicked in and he didn't know where to start. It was more crowded than on the day we went last year but the space is so open that we didn't really even notice it.

We ended up at the paint wall first. Which was also when I realized I had no memory card in my camera. So these are all iPhone pictures.

Between the paint wall and the sandbox, I think Grant would have been happy staying right around there for the rest of the day. I tried to coax him over to the jumping pillow but it was loaded with people. So we hit the rolling tubes.

Look at that hair from the static!
 What happens when your kid asks you to get in the rolling tube with him? Well, you get in and make Husband push it of course!

Static everywhere! I love this picture :)
We plopped on a bench for a minute after that and Grant headed to the sandbox. He could play in the sand/dirt/whatever all day and not ever get bore, I swear.

Tennis ball slingshots:

And then we said the magic word: S-L-I-D-E. Back in the wooded area they have a huge toboggan slide. When we got over there we found out they were having to wet it down. I guess the sleds go better when its wet and with it being a warm day, it dried out quick. Since Grant doesn't get the concept of "this won't be finished for 20-30 minutes" he said he'd like to wait. Thank goodness he's easily distracted at places like this. On to the tree houses!

While trying to convince Grant that it was a good time to eat the picnic lunch I'd packed, we noticed the slide was up and running. Eating went out the window.

Its just safer if I go to, right?
A few times down the slide and we had to re-fuel. So we had a picnic in the back of the truck and rested up a little then headed back in for more fun.

Finally the jumping pillow! 
And back to the tree houses. They have lots of fun
stuff hanging underneath them too.

His favorite swing by far! These are hard
to get time on. Parents don't seem to like
encouraging their kids to share.
We were headed out after that but we had to pass the slide the leave. And it's hard to say no to "Can I please slide again? Please? Please? Please?" So we - Husband was apprehensive about this - let him hit the slide alone.

He didn't go as fast without my big butt for weight.
We had such a great day out there. I love how much Grant loves to play outside and we had so much fun watching him re-explore this place.

Side note: If you stumble upon this post and it makes you want to check out Three Bears Acres, I mention some things in my post last year (link in the beginning of this post) that still stand. Pack food because there aren't restaurants nearby and still only a small concession trailer at the park. They have more things to do that I didn't mention here because we didn't get to them. Also, some things are under construction - like bathrooms so be advised they use port-a-potties. Just a friendly warning :)

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