Friday, April 25, 2014

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren and Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) On Friday, my brother-in-law & new sister-in-law got married! It was such a fun & busy day. They asked me to be their photographer so I had a lot of fun with that. Plus, Husband and Grant were in the wedding (Grant's first!) so they looked super handsome. Grant was so excited to be going to the farm again and he had so much fun playing with my sister-in-law's nephew. It was a great couple of days!
Me pretending to be a photographer for a day :)
Newlyweds! Congrats to Sparky & Natasha!
All handsome and what-not :) (PS he loved this outfit!)
Grant gettin' down on the dance floor!
2) The morning after the wedding, Grant and I finally got to take advantage of the hotel pool. One of Grant's favorite parts of a road trip is all the swimming we usually do so I was very glad we were able to make time for it.

3) EASTER! With the wedding that weekend too, all of our Eastery things happened on Saturday. Egg coloring, planting the "magic jelly beans" my sister sent, cooking for Easter lunch...everything. Grant got to open his package from Aunt Shauna too and then see what the Easter bunny brought the next morning!
Opening his basket from Auntie Shauna
Coloring eggs!
4) So random, but I brought home a large box from work and one night this week we made an airplane out of it. Last year I made him a jeep out of a box and he thought it was the best thing ever. Apparently a box airplane is awesome too because he was immediately enthralled with it. Last night "the engine broke" and I found Grant on the floor with his play tools "working on it".

5) Thursday we had to take care of my car title so I got to have a lunch date with Husband! We don't do that often so it's always nice. This time we tried a place we'd never been (Jason's Deli - if you're interested) AND they have free ice cream there! That made it a doubly nice lunch, ice cream being my favorite dessert and all :)

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!
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