Monday, March 10, 2014

Sparky & Natasha

Last weekend when we went to the farm, I also had the bride-to-be show me some of the places where she wants her wedding pictures taken. We decided to do some pictures just because. Also to help me get over some of my awkwardness...I like taking pictures and playing around with my camera but I am not a photographer. And usually my subject is a semi-bribable 3 year old (although I'm told that on wedding day, if I bring beef jerky I could possibly get Sparky to do what ever Natasha and I want him to). But anyway, a few pictures from our "see if I can look like I know what I'm doing and lets hope the pictures don't suck" trial :)

My brother-in-law likes to make "awww" noises
mocking what we're doing.
With their dirty dog Mack

Pretty ring!

One of my favorites! I wish I knew could
remember what got that smile out of him!

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