Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fun on the Farm

Remember our little Christmas visitor? Over the weekend we got to take a trip to the place where he came from. 

In April, my brother-in-law is getting married on their family farm and his bride-to-be asked me to do their wedding pictures. She's a brave girl. So we did a weekend trip out their way to go to the wedding shower and spent Sunday on the farm talking about pictures and letting Grant have some of the best fun ever. 

Grant asked us on the way over what animals he'd see. "Will I see cows?" Yes. "Will I see horses?" Yes. "Will I see eagles?" No. "Will I see pigs?" You get the idea. There are LOTS of animals there and he was just so damn excited from the minute we got out of the car. 

There were four dogs to play with, two of them would have let Husband throw sticks for them until his arms fell off. And some cats that Grant sort of chased down.

We rode out the the ceremony site in a cow pasture on what I call their "golf cart on steroids". Grant was SO excited about riding in it and seeing all the cows up close.

Then it was down to the pond - which is also the intended reception site unless it rains (lets hope it doesn't rain, ok?) - for some more fun with the dogs and some general "boys will be boys" dirtiness for Grant.

Digging in the dirt...of course.
And we got to watch big, sweet, pretty Mack turn into the dirtiest dog I think I have ever seen.

So now back towards the barn we was time to see more animals!

Fennec foxes, aren't they cute!
Sasha the lemur was hungry for grapes!
One of two huge turtles (tortoises?)
Donkeys! Look at that lil' baby. (And check out the one
in the background that is clearly sleeping something off.)
All boy!
Grant even got to help Aunt Hollie feed some of the animals.

He tasked himself with filling the wheel barrow with hay.
Farming is tough work :)
Nothing better than a wheel barrow ride!
" eat all 'a' this and I give you more"
Now that was a fun day! There are so many more animals than I took pictures of and so much more fun was had than I took pictures of.It's always great when we get to spend time with Husband's brother & sister and Grant has so much fun with them. But getting to explore the farm with them and have so much made for such an awesome day! And we get to go back next month for the wedding :)

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