Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Doggies of NY

One of the things that excited Grant (and Husband) about our summer vacation was the promise of doggie play time. Since our doggie, Brodie, passed away last year there has been a serious lack of doggie loving for those two and some serious Doggie Fever going on. My sister and her boyfriend have two dogs - why do you ask? - Lennon (a black lab who's mom, I think, had an affair with a horse and never told anyone) and Kiya (a boxer). Lennon we know and gets along famously with Grant. Kiya...well, we'd met briefly. 

Grant, I think, adjusted quickly to living with two dogs for a week. It helped that neither of them is the type of dog that will swipe and eat his toys. And Husband spent as much time as he could laying on the floor cuddling with Lennon.

Lennon is a very handsome guy and Grant adores him (I believe the feeling is mutual - you can read about their doggie BFF relationship HERE). He's a good boy unless there is good around...for instance: if there is a little boy not much taller than Lennon who is about to take a bite of a piece of cold pizza but Lennon wants it - so he takes it. And let me tell ya, the "drop it" command doesn't work then. It happened so fast that Grant just stood there stunned. And even after that, I can't tell you how many times I tried to keep Lennon from eating something when Grant would defend him with "He's a hungry boy, Mama!"

Taken shortly after the pizza theft.
He's a rather photogenic guy, don't you think?
"Oh hey. I'm just sitting here being huge."
"I have pretty eyes too. Want to give me pizza?"

So, I'm not gonna lie. When I met Kiya briefly last year my reaction was "Oh my". She's got some wonky eyes that are a little off-putting at first. But she grew on me quickly and I found out she's a very sweet girl. And much more polite about food! Grant loved her too and she put up with a lot from him (I'm pretty sure she was shot with a Nerf gun at least once) so she's OK in my book :)

She's pretty mellow too (unless you just got there).

"Quit talking about the treat and just give to me already!"
When she gets tired, her tongue sticks out :)
I think these two are probably still recuperating from our stay. We - especially Grant - wore them out.

Always had to say goodnight to Lennon.

"I love you Lennon"
 All week, if you were trying to find pretty just had to find Grant:

"Hey! Why are you upside down?!"

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