Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter weekend was so much fun! It started with a trip to the Greensboro Science Center on Good Friday, Saturday was for cooking and some fun around the house, and Sunday - of course - was Easter. After we got home from Greensboro on Friday I got out the stuff to color eggs. Grant has been talking about doing this for a while and he had so much fun with it. We used a Planes Fire & Rescue kit this year.

He got a little heavy handed with the stickers so when he
ran out, he asked me to draw the names & numbers of his favorite
hockey players and race car driver on them with a sharpie.
I was really excited about hiding Grant's Easter basket this year. I know not everyone does that but mine was always hidden growing up (until I moved out, I'm not kidding) and I love watching Grant hunt for his basket, it's so fun for him. I decided to get a little creative this year and do a little scavenger hunt. So when he woke up that morning there was a note taped to his dresser from the Easter Bunny. Grant goes "It's an Easter card! How cool is that?!" So I read it to him. It said: Happy Easter, Grant! This year I thought I'd send you on a fun hunt for your basket! Are you up for it? You'll find your first clue in the place where your Daddy helps cook dinner. Good luck buddy! He was a little confused at first and thought the kitchen but we steered him toward the grill.
Um...yeah, there are two. The one harboring the egg is broken.
Clue #2!
That one said: Your next egg is hiding in the place where you sleep.

Your next egg is hiding in the place where your Daddy keeps the lawn mower. He'd definitely figured out the game at this point and was off to the garage!

That clue said: Your next egg is hiding in a box with lots of sand. To the sandbox!

Your next egg is hiding in the place where you have fun with your toys. That could have been two places, but it was the living room where he found an egg hiding in his hockey net.

Which told us: Your next egg is hiding in the place where your Mama makes dinner.
Another egg??
This was the last clue. It said: Tired yet? If you need a bath after all that hunting you'll get a fun surprise too! To which Grant replied "I don't need a bath." Husband told him that maybe he should go to the bathroom. "But I don't need a bath!" But we finally convinced him that maybe he should look in the tub.
It didn't take nearly as long as it looks like it did and it was so much fun to watch how excited he got every time he found a new clue. Later on at Gramma & Grandpa's house he told everyone about the adventure the Easter Bunny sent him on.

That dinosaur book is probably his favorite thing that he got. This boy is obsessed with dinosaurs and that book has a ton of them. All morning he sat there thumbing through the book while we got ready to go and then brought it with us to my in-laws house (to "read" in the car and show everyone at lunch).

He got a new set of flashcards that he's pretty jazzed about too.
Side note: That "Goatilocks" book is pretty funny
But it was all about the dinosaur book:
"Hey Daddy. I'm going to read this dinosaur book to you."
We went to my in-laws for Easter lunch later on that morning. Even before Grant thought about his basket he asked "Is it time to go to Gramma's yet?". He was so excited to see everyone and play. We ate lots of yummy food and we took a nice walk after our huge lunch. It was such a pretty day and a pretty awesome weekend! 

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