Friday, May 17, 2013

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren to share some of my favorite things from the past week. (P.S. I have more than 5 this week)

1) On Saturday, Grant and I picked my sister up from the airport! She usually comes to spend Mother's Day and the week after with us. Grant so loves her visits!

2) Mother's Day! We had a very low key day this year. I wanted to wander around the flea market for a bit, then we stopped in to see my Mother-in-Law, and we went out to dinner after that. My sister and I topped it all off with hot fudge sundaes that night toasting our mom. Mother's Day is always a little rough and this year hit me harder for some reason. But the sundae sure hit the spot :)

Grant made me a card at school!

Pretty flowers! Husband knows I love tulips :)

Sundaes for Mom
3) CHEESE! With visits from my sister come goodies from home. Including my favorite chocolate covered pretzels and CHEESE CURD! Cheese curd is THE BEST and I've been snacking on it all week.

4) On Monday, we packed up and drove to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher! I had never taken my sis here before and Grant loves "the fishies" so we did a little day trip down there.
ROAR! (says Grant)

I never knew they had a little shark petting tank!
5) Playtime at the park! We have some great parks just down the road and I haven't had time to get there lately. This week we took a nice long walk around both parks and worked in some playground time for Grant too.

6) Family movie night! We do that every once in a while and I really wanted to try to do it while my sis was here. So we rented Brave (super cute movie, by the way) and popped popcorn on the stove (so good!) and cuddled up for movie night.

So much that we needed two bowls!
7) We got a pool! Ok, so it's just an inflatable one. BUT it's deep enough that Grant can really play in it and it's big enough that I can sit in it :) Grant loved it the second we started putting water in it and we had to drag him out when he was so cold that he was shaking from head to toe.
Yes, he's in his undies.
HAPPY FRIDAY and I hope you have a great weekend :)

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