Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Potty Trained Road Trip

For Memorial Day weekend, we took a road trip up to the mountains to visit Nate's aunt (trying to get a post up soon). It was Grant's first potty trained road trip and I'm happy to report he did great! No accidents! It was, I think, a little over 4 hours to her house and we only had to stop once and the same on the way back. We were pretty jazzed about how it went.

On the way home when we stopped at a rest stop, Grant wasn't asking to pee. We asked him and he had to go. All was well. We figured we'd have to stop at least once more before getting home. But that didn't seem to be the case...until we were about 15-20 minutes from home. We hear "I gotta go pee-pee..." from the back seat. I told him we were almost home and asked if he could hold it. "Yeah, I gonna hold it" he told me. We got to our exit (which means only 5 more minutes) when Grant started crying that he had to pee. I was trying to distract him with funny stuff and songs but nothing was working. Then Husband asked if Grant wanted him to pull over so he could go in the woods. Grant said yes - but we didn't. So we get home and I quick jump out of the truck and I'm getting Grant out telling him we're heading to the potty.

Grant: "I wanna go in the woods"

Me: "We're going to go inside and sit on the potty"

Grant: "I wanna go in the woods!"

Me - pointing him toward the backyard: "Fine. Go back there and pee in the woods."

He walked about 10 steps past the front of the truck, dropped trou, and peed right there in the yard.

I couldn't miss the photo op, it was too hysterical. But lets hope he doesn't demonstrate this new found skill on the playground at school. *fingers crossed*

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  1. That's a true home-grown southern boy right there!


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