Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Potty Trained

If you read my last post about potty training then you know that a few weeks ago Grant was in the neighborhood of being potty trained. Well now, I am officially declaring him potty trained. I'm sure that putting this in writing is some sort of bad omen, but there it is. Potty trained

The peeing has been good for quite a while but now he's got the hang of number 2 too. He's almost always wearing real underpants unless it's bed time (or a weekend morning and we haven't taken him out of the pull-up yet). Day care sent home all his pull-ups so he's napping in underpants and going to the bathroom well there too. We're even brave enough to put him in undies when we go places.

So...hooray! Potty training, well, sucks. But potty trained is pretty freaking awesome.

The above picture is one of my favorite recent pictures. I took it right after Grant woke up from a nap. He had gotten up, gone to the bathroom, then came to find me. His pants were so crooked and his shirt was not only tucked into his pants but his undies too. He doesn't want to ask for help, he likes to find us and show us that he did it himself. That's usually how mornings go too. He still needs some help with number 2 so we're trying to get him to call to us when he's done. We're working on it (because it's no fun chasing a toddler with poopy butt around the house!).

So that's that. I can't believe it. Accident-free for weeks now. I probably could have made the delcaration sooner but whatever. Potty trained - woohoo!

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  1. Yea!!! Proud of Grant and his parents too!


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