Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Review: Memorial Day

Husband's aunt Debbie lives in the mountains and her house was on our list of places to visit this year. Memorial Day weekend seemed like the perfect time. So we took Friday off and hit the road (with Husband's mom and step dad in the car behind us - Grant was in Heaven!). 

Its roughly a 4 hour drive and Grant did really well (anything is better than a 14 hour drive to see my family!). He was ready to play as soon as he got out of the car - and stayed that way all weekend.

Baseball in the backing yard - immediately after getting out of the car.
Grant loves spending time with aunt Debbie and he helped her feed the birds one morning:

After the birds came to scarf up the food, Grant could be found with his face pressed against the living room windows watching. Informing us of what birds were doing what and where. He loved it :)

He helped with the dishes too:

I love this one!
Debbie has a fenced in backyard so the backdoor was open a lot with Grant running in and out of the house. We tried to keep the toys we brought on the back porch and Grant could play when he wanted to (when doesn't he want to?). He loved the constant playtime, especially playing baseball, and wore his new hat a lot:

It's one of his new favorite things.
I got to play with my camera a bit and took pictures of Debbie's pretty wild roses. I think I need to figure out how to grow roses at my house. I love them!

My in-law's dog, Truffles, came too. She's so cute that I have to share a picture of her too:

The weekend went by fast (as they always do) and we had to get back to normal. We left Monday after a yummy breakfast and on the way home hit a rest stop where Grant and Gramma spotted a butterfly. Things like that excite Grant and we realized when we got closer...and it didn't move...that maybe it was hurt. So Husband picked it up carefully so Grant could get a close up and then put it down out of the way so it hopefully wouldn't get trampled.

I'm not the biggest butterfly fan, but it was pretty!
The weather was perfect and we had such a good time hanging out with family and doing some site-seeing. It was a great weekend, hopefully we'll do it again!

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