Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sight-Seeing in Lake Lure & Chimney Rock Village

My previous post was about our Memorial Day weekend trip to see Husband's aunt and what a great time we had. I mentioned that we did some sight-seeing which is always one of my favorite parts of being in the mountains. When my mother-in-law mentioned that there was a craft fair in Lake Lure on Saturday, I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do...and Husband, I'm sure, was hoping we'd get lost on the way. But we didn't :)

It took us 20-30 minutes-ish to get to Lake Lure from Debbie's house and the drive up was so pretty! And I saw no less than 100 places that I would happily call home...you know, if that lottery thing ever pans out. So we found a place to park for the craft fair...and I looked to my right...and I said "OMG is that...? I think that's...! OMG!" I'm pretty sure I started sweating.

You see, they shot parts of Dirty Dancing in Lake Lure and that is one of my all time favorite movies. And when I saw "Johnny's Cabin" I got all stalker-ish and ran over with my camera. Upon further inspection, found "Baby's Cabin". My mother-in-law and I looked a little crazy but it was pretty cool. I'm not entirely sure anything for the movie was done in or around those cabins...but I was a little star-struck all the same.

So then we spent a while wandering around the little craft fair. There was lots of neat stuff (man, I love those things!) and there was a Great Dane Rescue program there with some of their adorable giants collecting donations.

Grant was rather attached to this sweet girl. Even gave her kisses!
Grant found a fountain to play in too

After the craft fair (and a very yummy snow cone that Grant and I shared) we took a walk along Lake Lure just enjoying the sights. There were lots of ducks, birds, and even a turtle that we saw and Grant just loves being outside look at things like that. He had a great time.

Gorgeous scenery!

Excited about the turtle sighting

Checking out the ducks
On Sunday, my mother-in-law suggested checking out some of the shops in Chimney Rock Village (a little farther than Lake Lure). Shopping? Yes please. I didn't take too many pictures that day. But we did manage to get Husband to pull over so I could take a picture of this nifty covered bridge:

We even trespassed.
That's Chimney Rock.
We did a little shopping and went down to this stream that runs along the town.  

It was so pretty down there! Grant was super excited about the water. One word from me and I know he would have stripped down to his undies and played in there for hours. But, no. However, I kind of wanted to play too. And have a picnic. And live there. It was really pretty.

After a yummy late lunch, we headed back to Debbie's house to hang out some more. We were exhausted. Well, the adults were exhausted. Grant was still riding his vacation high and getting anyone who wasn't comatose to play with him.

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  1. I have to admit the cabins were the best part of the weekend! Had a great time with everyone at Debbie's. Love the pictures!


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