Monday, June 24, 2013

Spontaneous Beach Trip

Since having Grant, we haven't been able to be those parents that just pick up and go off for spontaneous over night trips. Because we had Brodie. We had to make arrangements for my mother-in-law to come stay with him because he freaked out in the car. So taking him somewhere to board was out of the question. We were limited to spontaneous day trips, which are nice too. But with Brodie's passing, we vowed to make trips that we haven't been able to take in the last 10 years.

The Thursday before Father's Day we had a storm that lasted maybe 10 minutes. It wasn't as bad as what the weather folks were making it sound like, in my opinion anyway. But it knocked out our power...and by Friday morning it was still out. And the power people weren't giving us hopes of having it that day either. So Husband made us reservations in Wilmington, NC with the promise of spending Saturday at the beach. When we got home from work Friday, the power was on. Who cares! We had plans :) 

Packed and ready to go!
Friday after work we packed up as quick as we could, ate a quick dinner and hit the road. We got there a little later than we wanted to and Grant was pumped about the promise of the beach. It was tough to get him calmed down for sleep. But we got there eventually.

Grant and Daddy relaxing at the hotel after our drive
Grant - too excited to sleep!
So after breakfast the next morning and packing up the car we head to Wrightsville Beach. Only to realize after over an HOUR of driving around that there was no place to park. Honestly, I was ready to go home. But Grant was too excited. "You gonna find a place for the car? We gonna park? Is this the beach?" So we left there and continued down the coast. Finding no where to park until almost 2 hours after leaving the hotel we got down to Kure Beach and were finally able to park and make our way to the beach. With me 110% irriated and vowing to either get a pool or find a lake near home because a day at the ocean in season is just not worth the hassle.

Except that it was.

Because Grant had probably his best summer day to date. He played in the sand and buried our feet. Made sand castles. Picked up sea shells (that are now in a little jar in his room and he loves them). Then made them closer to the water so he could watch the waves take them. We went out in the water. Then we just stayed close to the water because he loved it when the waves hit him. He had a blast. And we had a blast because of him and my irriation disappeared quickly. By the time we left I was talking about "next time". So it ended up being a really good little trip.

So happy :)

He loved burying our feet

Daddy showing him how to build a sand castle
His "sword" (very into pirates right now!)

Beachy feet

He loved being in the waves. He kept yelling "Here
comes a big one! And another big big one!"
Me and my happy guy!

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  1. I love your post and pictures! It's so much fun to watch this little guy grow. You and Nathan are such good parents.

    Love you all!


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