Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I debated skipping a Father's Day post because I didn't take any pictures that day. But I decided I'd do one because as part of Husband's gift, I did a Daddy questionnaire and I thought some of Grant's answers were so cute and funny. I figured I'd share.

I made it extra big so you could read it.
Some of the questions I had to help him with. Like explaining what a "job" is. He really thought about the answers he gave me and it was so fun to do. I love how the mind of a child works.

On Thursday before Father's Day we had a 2 minute storm that knocked our power out for close to 24 hours. They weren't promising power for Friday even either, so we made reservations to spend the night in Wilmington, NC (so we could spend Saturday at the beach). Our power came back on but we went anyway and had a great time. Post coming soon! We got home Saturday evening and then spent Father's Day hanging around the house until a cookout with my Father-in-Law and his wife over at their place.

An exhausted Husband and a very excited Grant
at the hotel on Friday.
I hope all the Daddy's out there had a great day!

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