Tuesday, March 17, 2015

4 1/2 Years Old

I look for any excuse to play with my camera and take pictures of Grant. As long as he's willing to sit still for me! (This time it was the promise of ice cream in exchange for good behavior.)

4 1/2 years old and so handsome :) He didn't really want to do pictures but I think he had a little fun with it. I tried not to ask him to do much (except smile) and I tried to be quick. I think every time I snapped a picture he'd ask if it was time for ice cream yet. But I'm so glad we did them because they turned out so good.

This dude is obsessed with dinosaurs and volcanos. And racing. It seems like there is always a "race" of some sort going on in our house. Or a story involving dinosaurs and "hot lava". 

Finally got this kiddo in a big boy bed! He's got a new twin size bed in his room and he loves it. I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about bed. I think his favorite part was shopping for and picking out his new sheets.

Recently added to the TV line-up for us: Paw Patrol. Husband isn't a fan but I don't mind it. It's definitely cutesie and a big a switch from things like Ninja Turtles but there's a good message - even if the dogs are a bit whiney. 

I can't even.
Grant is getting so excited about kindergarten! His daycare is in a different county than ours so he won't be going to school with most of his current set of friends. But I found out that one little boy he's good friends will be going to the same school and he (and his brother) will be in the before & after school program with Grant too. I'm so glad he'll have a friend to pal around with while he makes new ones.

He's learning so much! Writing, recognizing (semi-reading) words, math - it's incredible. We do a lot at home with him but I'm always so thankful for what he's learning at daycare (we call it school). He's gotten so much from being there and he loves going. It makes me so happy but also sad that he'll be leaving there soon.

He's just so his own little person now. He has the best little sense of humor (we cracked up over Big Hero 6 and quote it all the time). Loves to talk on the phone. Asks about our day. Tells very involved stories. And his imagination is crazy. It is never boring at our house.

And now I will shamelessly share more pictures:

This was all him. All I could think was "How you doin'?"
I know I cut off the top of his head but I love this picture. It is
just so very Grant. So happy and laughing.

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