Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Days!

Back in November I made an impulse buy at Target (you don't say!). A sled. Because last year when we had snow days I was dragging Grant around the yard in the lid of his old sandbox...and that was only fun for one of us. That poor sled has sat in the garage looking very lonely ever since. I really didn't think it would see any use this year.

But yes! Finally some winter weather. And snow days. The first - two weeks ago - was really more of an "ice day", no real snow to speak of. But the yard was slippery enough that we got some good use of the sled. The only real disappointment for either of us was that no real snow means no snow slushies. Grant remembered the snow slushies from last year, he was a bit sad about missing out on those (and so was I).

We managed to find a couple good spots in our yard where we could make the sled really go and, of course, I pulled him in laps around the house.

Not much on the ground, but it was slippery!

He kept throwing his hands up like he was on a roller coaster.
After simply riding down our little slope, he decided
to "crash" his sled like a race car...every time.
We ventured back in the woods like last year to get a look at the little stream we had found (it gets quite nasty back there in summer so this is strictly a winter adventure). It looked much the same as it did last year but still so pretty!
We found out not long after this that a coyote lives
back there...so this was our last adventure in the woods!
When we went back to riding in the sled, I told Grant it was my turn.
That didn't work out too well for me.
We had so much fun playing outside that day! And we ended up with the next day off too although the yard was no longer sled-worthy.

We got just a little bit of real snow that evening, but it didn't last long.
Round two of the snow was last week. Tuesday I was actually on my way to Greensboro for a trade show but got called back by the office. On my way back to the office I found out daycare was closing early, so headed there instead. When we got home, we did one of Grant's very favorite things: made koolaid. Because enough snow had fallen that we could make slushies (not being fans of that snow cream business)! So we did that while my big pot of chicken & pastry cooked on the stove (YUM!). 

After a nap, though, it was time to play outside! Last year my sister sent Grant a pair of snow pants and he hates them. He actually cried when I made him wear them the first time (the "ice day" above). Quite ridiculous, yes? Kids. Anyway, no snow pants = no playing outside so he didn't give me a hard time anymore. 

They're a little big so I think he felt silly but they work!
He brought a couple monster trucks outside to play with when we weren't sledding. We made little jumps for them out of the snow and he thought that was just the greatest.

And more sledding...and snow balls...
So happy :)

And, of course, he had to eat the snow too.

I love snow! And I love spending our snow days like this. It doesn't happen often so I try to enjoy it. Grant looks at me with disbelief when I tell him I used to get to play like this all the time in the winter where I grew up. He wants to go up to NY one winter to see Aunt Shauna and to see all that snow. I hope we get to make that happen sometime!

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