Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days!

Last week, as predicted, we got a decent snow here! Day care was closed for two days so I had two whole days to play with Grant in the snow. One weekend last February we got a good snow and got to play in that too and Grant sort of remembers it, but I think this will be may be the first good snowfall he really remembers.

I love snow. LOVE IT. I miss it every winter when the pictures start rolling in from my sister. I tried explaining to Grant that where I grew up, we had this for months every year and we got to play in it all the time. I don't think he really got it. But he loved the snow. He was so excited when he woke up and asked no less than 62 times if we could go out to play before we actually went out to play.

First we made snow cream. We didn't do that back home. I never heard of it until I moved here. So I tried the basic recipe I'd seen all over. It wasn't our favorite thing but at least I can say now I tried it.

Grant has what I've heard called "North Carolina winter clothes". Which means he doesn't have any appropriate snow clothes. Why would he, really. So I layered up his pants and socks - he has a really warm coat - and we headed outside.

Look at my little Half-Yankee loving that snow :)

He remembered throwing snow balls at Daddy's car last year and
couldn't wait to do it again this time!

I love how happy he was!

I showed him how to make a snow angel.
Husband decided to take Grant into the woods behind our house for some exploring. We never go back there...mostly because we don't own that land but also because we don't know what's back there. Grant looked at it as a "Team Treasure Hunt". He was Jake, I was Izzy, and Husband was Cubby.

He said "According to the map, we go this way to the
Golden Tree. There's no time to lose!" 
I'm really glad we went back there. As it turns out, there's this neat little stream back there! Grant really thought it was an adventure when we found that little spot.

He thought that was a bridge.

We went back there a lot in those two days. Lots of Team Treasure Hunts :)

We were lacking in the sled department and Husband had the genius idea of using the lid to Grant's little sandbox. It wasn't perfect, but he did get the idea of sledding and had a lot of fun with it!
If you ever want a really good workout, you should
trudge through the snow dragging a 3 year old
in a vessel not meant to slide in snow.
On Friday, a lot of the snow had melted and it was time to go back to work and school. Grant was a little sad and told us he didn't want the snow to melt. I'm glad we had those two days to just play and have so much fun. I'm hoping that one of these winters I'll be able to take him back home so he can see what my winters looked like.

This was his lesson on which snow is safe to eat. After
that, he wouldn't stop eating the snow!

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