Friday, March 20, 2015

High Five for Friday

Well, hello! Today I'm linking up Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) A few weekends ago, we were out to eat with my in-laws and saw "tater tot fondue" on the menu as an appetizer. We all talked about it but none of us ordered it. But I thought it would be easy - and fun - to have with dinner one night. So that's what I did Friday night. We just had some BLTs with it. I put a plate of tater tots, a big bowl of homemade cheese sauce and a small dish of sour cream (just because) on the table and we all got a wooden skewer to eat with. Do you know how excited a 4 year old gets when you tell him he gets to eat dinner with a stick?? It definitely made for a fun Friday night dinner.

2) Saturday was rainy and dreary but I had to go run an early errand Saturday. Grant wanted to come so we stopped for a biscuit at McDonald's on our way. They have this neat interactive thing in the corner for the kids and Grant had a blast with it.

And since I knew Saturday was going to be yucky, I planned a fun t-shirt craft for Grant to do. Using THIS technique, I helped Grant make a t-shirt for his Aunt Shauna and then one for himself! He had so much fun and was very proud of his artwork when he was done. (If you try it, that link uses Sharpie fabric markers but the craft store I went to didn't have those so I used Tulip brand which I don't think were as bright.)
For Aunt Shauna (who should never be allowed within 10 feet
of a white tshirt, but it wouldn't have shown up well on another color)
And Grant's.
3) Sunday, Grant and I ventured out to take his 4 1/2 year pictures. Sitting still for pictures these days (or sitting still for anything) is not his favorite but I did promise ice cream for good behavior. He was very patient for pictures (and I'm in love with how they turned out) and definitely enjoyed his ice cream! And I love our little ice cream dates :)

4) With St. Patty's on Tuesday, Grant helped me make some green marshmallows to share with his friends for snack time! These are always a hit with the kiddos at school.

5) One of my very favorite things is that some of Grant's teachers have my phone number and will randomly text me pictures of him. It really makes my day!

Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend!
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