Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we took Grant to his first Easter egg hunt! It's always my intention to go but then we're busy or he's sick or whatever. But not this year. The parks near our house have fun things planned throughout the year and they do an egg hunt every year (right across the street from where I took Grant to Trick-or-treat the Trails). They have some fun stuff set up for kids to do for a couple hours and some local people set up booths then at noon they turn the kids loose on the eggs!

When we were walking over to the event we saw a firetruck on display. Firetrucks are one of the things that excite Grant to no end but the boy was on a mission. We had planned to meet a few of his friends out here and he was not to be distracted from finding them.

His "humor mama with a sort of smile while I try to
continue looking for my friends" face.
No boy can resist the opportunity to climb inside a firetruck!
When I saw the amount of people at this thing I figured the odds of finding anyone we planned to meet out there were very slim. And I was very wrong. We managed to find 2 of the 3 families in about 5 minutes (never found the 3rd but they may not have made it) and Grant was so excited to play with his friends!
Checking out the slide with one of his friends.
They had some of this inflatable stuff for the kids to play on and I
think Grant could have stayed on this one all day!

And the rest of the time before the egg hunt started was pretty much just boys being boys running around. 

I absolutely love watching him interact with his friends.
"Come look at the eggs!"
There was a brief pause in the running around for a photo op with Raphael (who acted surprised at Grant being dressed like Michaelangelo and Grant loved it!).

We made our way over to the bubble machine and the boys just ran around popping bubbles until it was time for eggs.

Kids love bubbles!

We made our way to the field where the eggs were with about 15 minutes to go. They had taken down the fencing and I was AMAZED that not one kid made a move toward the eggs until it was time. 
Waiting patiently for the signal...
The Easter Bunny comes to tell them it's go-time...
And they're off!

It went really quick! I'd say in about 5 minutes there was not an egg to be seen. At one point Grant broke an egg and he just left his bucket out there and ran over to Husband with the broken egg because he didn't want to leave it. They didn't allow parents for this age group out on the field so, of course I go into protective-mom-mode and get worried someone will take Grant's eggs (he was so excited about this, it would have made him so sad if he left with no eggs). So I'm standing behind the line yelling over the noise "Grant! Get your bucket! Don't leave your bucket!" I'm sure I looked like a maniac (and for no reason because no one touched his stuff). But he had a good time and was very excited about the eggs he found! I'm so glad we got to go this year.

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