Friday, May 1, 2015

High Five for Friday

Hello there! Today I'm linking up Jennie to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) Last Friday, Grant got to spend the day at his Gramma & Grandpa's. Since Husband I would be out late for the concert, Grant just spend the night Thursday and then all day on Friday. He had a lot of fun and we all met at IHOP that evening for dinner and to pick up Grant. That's where he got to show off his new hat from Gramma & Grandpa (and eat up all the compliments he got at the restaurant).
He's requesting cowboy boots now.
We even got Husband to try it on :)
2) I made a blanket! With my sewing machine. Most of you may not know what a huge accomplishment that is for me, made even bigger by the fact that I really didn't throw any hissy fits during the process. Not only have I never made a blanket with my sewing machine, but I've also never used my sewing machine without having an absolute meltdown over how awful I am at sewing (or stabbing myself several times with pins - no tears and no bandaids make this quite a success for me!). I'm looking forward to gifting my craftiness :)

3) We have a lot of birds in our backyard and my favorites are the cardinals. I love to watch them when they get brave enough to hang out on the deck and every once in a while, I manage to get a picture.

4) This week I shared a fun little Teacher Appreciation gift idea (Teacher Appreciation Week is next week - thank a teacher!).

5) Costume day at school! 

6) Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, dinosaurs! The boy is obsessed. The Land Before Time (classic!) doesn't doesn't leave the DVD player anymore and we watch it several times a weekend. And recently discovered the TV series is on Amazon Prime and Grant has become a fan of that too. I think he has a hard time believing that Husband & I watched that movie as kids too. And the dinosaur book he got for Easter is read a lot. One night before bed we read it cover to cover (this is not a small book people!). Me reading the book, Grant telling me if the one on the page was a plant or a meat eater. He LOVES dinosaurs!
The one millionth showing of The Land Before Time
Reading the huge dinosaur book
Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend!

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