Friday, May 22, 2015

High Five for Friday

Ever have the kind of week that just tries every last nerve you have? That's been my week. I definitely needed a reminder of some of the better stuff from this week! So I'm linking up Jennie to share some of it. 

1) Last Friday we had dinner with my friend Janis and her husband. Since her husband's retirement, he's become quite the cook! He made us a delicious lasagna with cheesy garlic bread and Olive Garden-esque salad. My contribution, as always, was dessert. I went with Pioneer Woman's mocha brownies. It was so good to see Janis & John and we had a great evening catching up. It was the perfect start to the weekend.
2) At some point over the weekend I broke out this new bubble toy. It puts little bubbles inside big bubbles. Such a fun toy!
What kid doesn't love bubbles? (If you have toy envy,
you can find them at Walmart or Target)
3) I knew it was going to be a trying week, so I started it off with some yummy Cinnamon scones to go with my Monday morning coffee (and Tuesday morning coffee...and Wednesday 3:00 snack). (Recipe HERE; I was out of honey so I subbed REAL maple syrup and it was delightful.)

4) Workbook time! Grant finished up two chapters in his workbook he's been working on and he was so proud of himself. He loves to learn :)

5) FOOD. 
I'm not really a spaghetti lover but this was good.
(recipe based on THIS one)

Yeah...pasta again.
(recipe HERE)
6) It felt wonderful outside last night and was perfect for a little post-dinner pre-bath baseball. Grant told me "I'm gonna whack the mess outta this ball!"

Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend!

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