Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Preschool Graduation

Friday evening was Grant's preschool graduation! It's so hard to believe that he'll be starting kindergarten in just two months. He's been so excited about graduation, it's all he's talked about at dinner for at least a month (or two). Thursday night while he was telling us how he was going to get his diploma...I started crying. Right there at the dinner table. Husband rolled his eyes at me and Grant said "Do you have tears?!" I just knew I'd be a wreck Friday evening.

I held it together though! Even when we dropped Grant off in the room to get ready and I was confronted with 40 preschoolers in caps & gowns, I didn't break down. Yay me.

And even when the little ones paraded out - no tears :)

Grant was pretty nervous. I could tell when I saw him coming out that he was trying to find us. 
I love this picture. That boy seemed so irritated that
Grant sat in the wrong seat (also, that boy is hilarious).
But once he found us, he was all smiles for us.

First they did the Pledge of Allegiance:

And then they sang "God Bless America"

Then some of the teachers spoke and one read a poem that finally made me cry (but that was the only time!).

Listening to the poem that made Mama cry
And then they sang this adorable song called "I Want To Be A Truck Driver":

It was so cute! It was also a pretty long song so I'm amazed and impressed that they got 40 preschoolers to memorize and "dance" to a song that long!

Then it was time for diplomas!

Lining up! (The sun was not my friend that evening)
Time for Grant!

He was so proud of himself!
After that there was another song that they danced in the aisles to. I couldn't tell you the name of the song because I was laughing too hard at the way Grant dances:) 

The first thing he said when it was over and he was getting hugs from all of us (Gramma & Grandpa went too) was "Can I have a cupcake now??" So we did a few pictures and then my little cake-hater sat down and ate a whole cupcake.

Our little graduate!
Family picture!
When we got home that night, Grant got his graduation present - a new backpack with his name on it for school this year (and some new books for us to read). We also went to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday for a celebratory lunch. I think he had a pretty great weekend! 

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