Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Caution: Slippery When Wet!

Bath time. Two words have never made two parents run screaming from the room like those to words (except maybe "It's twins"?). I will admit to liking bath time more than I used to and so does Grant. And sometimes I may even call it fun. But most of the time it is a job and a half. All the parenting magazines and websites and what-not will tell you to "relax, go slow, and enjoy this time with baby". And to them I say Ha!

Once upon a time, during the rotting belly button phase, Grant used to just lay there and scream during bath time. It had to be a sponge bath because we couldn't get his belly button (yuck!) wet. He was cold, we were nervous...good times.

This wasn't his first bath, but it was that first week.

Wait for it...

There it is! That's what bath time looked like for while.

So I thought things would improve after his belly button...*ahem*...fell off. Actually, it basically tore off most of the way one day by accident and in a moment of absolute panic I just stuck it back on there quick. Husband was giving me a "girls night out" that night and I was just going to let him think he did it. I had planned, right down to my "OMG! What'd you do?" But then I confessed. Anyway! Things did improve and Grant definitely hated bath time less.

So tiny in the little newborn sling.


I love to cuddle him after his bath! He just smells so good.

Once he started trying to roll out of the newborn sling I figured it was time to just use the tub. That's when things get tricky. A soapy, squirmy baby is not easy to bathe! And it can be a little scary. It's also not easy to bathe them...when they splash all the water out of the tub. Grant's new thing is to hold on to the sides of the tub and kick his legs as hard as he can.

Action shot by Husband

But it definitely seems like he's having fun.

And now that he's sitting up more, I guess that means we'll have to break out the inflatable duck tub. Husband will be very excited about that. Until he realized that he's the one who's got to blow it up.


  1. im so excited about the inflatable tub. i will blow it up if i can help. grant is growing up so fast. i need to see him soon!

  2. Grant really does look like he's having a good time! ...glad you are too now. But really...posting at 6 AM...I'm IMPRESSED!!!


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