Sunday, February 27, 2011

Six Months

Our little man is six months old! It seems like it's been forever since I did Grant's five month post. It's been a long month. But this is a happy post so I won't dwell on the bad stuff.

Six months old!

Grant has been on cereal and veggies for two months now and is doing great. He's gone through all five of the stage one vegetables (even peas!) and he seems to love them all. He doesn't even seem to favor one more than the other. I do have a hard time now getting him to eat cereal now that he's had the veggies. Although I'll admit to not doing the cereal as much as I should because the veggies are so convenient.

I decided to clean out Grant's dresser because he's finally outgrown his 3 month and 3-6 month size clothes. I came upon the outfit I bought for Grant to wear home from the hospital...which was way too big for him when he was born. I thought I'd missed my window opportunity with it and I basically did but I at least wanted to see what it looked like on him.  This was a few weeks ago:

It was a touch too small so it didn't stay on him long and he'll never wear it again
 but he did look super handsome in it :)
 No crawling yet. He's still just really close. He'll now get up on his elbows with his knees underneath him and he'll even pick up his head now. He gets his eyes on a toy he wants but then all his limbs go out from underneath him and he's back to square one. But he is sitting up really well. He can do it for long periods of time before he topples over. I guess I always figured babies crawled before they sat up but this makes sense too.

He's graduated from his sleep sack to "real" pajamas. Nate had to talk me into that one. But he was right. Grant was having a really hard time sleeping because he always turns over on his tummy to sleep and he was getting all twisted up in the sleep sack. So I gave in. He does look very cute in his big boy pjs though :)

I took a picture of him this morning because I think these are my favorite pajamas.
Look at this lttle cows on the feet!

I'm also more comfortable putting a blanket on him during naps. But not at night.
Things between Grant and Brodie seem to be improving...slowly. Brodie will now at least acknowledge Grant's presence. And I've even caught Brodie trying to make friends:

Caught you!
We don't have Grant's exact measurements yet (6 month check-up on March 10th) but we do know he's weighing roughly 16 pounds. We know this because Grant had a trip to the emergency room while we were in NY when he had a 102 fever and his cough came back. But I'm curious to see exactly how much he weighs and how long he is. And I'm hoping they'll tell us we can start some new foods too.  But anyway, here are more pictures!

We adjusted the straps on his stoller so he can ride in the stroller like a big boy.
I took this because he reminded me of my Grama at the casino.

He loves it when we spead out a blanket (to minimize the ingestion of dog hair - don't judge)
so he can just roll around  and go after toys.

So cute...but what's up with that hair?
I took this picture because he got this outfit for Christmas and mys sister was pretty excited about it. It's also probably the only time he'll ever wear it because that shirt was already too short.

We have a very happy baby and he laughs a lot. But no one is as good at making him laugh as his daddy :)

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  1. He is changing so much! So cute and I think he's looking more like his Mama!


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