Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playground time!

Sunday was such a pretty day and I needed to get out so Grant and I took a walk around White Deer Park and Lake Benson Park (they're connected - fun!) in Garner. I decided to try Grant in just the stroller instead of using the carrier/car seat too. For the most part, he loved it. Until I rounded a corner and the sun was right in his face. He ended up with a blanket clipped over the front of the stroller for most of the ride. What great scenery! I didn't hear any complaints though.

While walking through the Lake Benson Park part of the trail I noticed some empty baby swings. And I just happened to have a baby with me. So I stuck him in the swing and wedged his monkey blanket behind him for support. HE LOVED IT! I hope it's nice this weekend so we can go back to play some more and, hopefully, get some better pictures. I may have to take him down the slide. I solemly swear not to enjoy that at all.

It's not a great picture because I took it with my phone and it was pretty sunny. But it was his first time in a big boy swing! How was I not going to take a picture?

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