Monday, October 24, 2011

Grant's First Trip to the NC State Fair

The trip that almost didn't happen. I work for the Dept. of Agriculture so yesterday was my first day off since before the fair started. It was a day off I didn't even know I was getting until late last week. So what was the logical thing to do? Well, go to the fair of course! You would have thought I'd have had enough - and I had, believe me - but I really wanted to take Grant. So me, Husband, Grant, my Mother-in-law, and my Brother-in-law piled into my car (it was a tight fit) and headed out the fair. My job had at least one advantage: we got in for free and got to park on the grounds (mostly because it was the last day).

 Last year during the fair, I was on maternity leave and I'm not one of these people who'll tote their newborn out to the fair (although I saw plenty of parents who seemed to find it a good idea). But this year I declared him old enough. I even bought ride tickets...which we ended up giving away because by the time we found rides with lines short enough for me to stand in, my little guy had passed out. I think we managed to have some fun - but let's face it, people watching alone was worth the trip.

I didn't get many pictures but here are a few:

Adorable bales of hay decorated by a 4H group.

Another adorable bale of hay and some cuteness.
I love looking at all the stuff people enter. Although, by the time we got there some of the cakes, cookies, and fudge were definitely looking like science experiments. The decorated cakes are always fun to look at but the line was super long so we had to stand on tip-toes and look from afar. I even like looking at the clothes people enter. There is always that one entry that makes me go "OMG!" out loud. This year was no different (I may have gasped loudly as well).

It was next to impossible to get a really good picture of it. But
isn't it gorgeous? I looove Gone with the Wind and I loooved that dress.

No trip to the fair is complete without seeing
an apron made of Caprisun empties.

And of course you go to the fair to eat. Well, that's why we go to the fair. Grant got his first taste of roasted corn on the cob. First he poked it and tried to pick the corn off. Then whenever he put his mouth on it he'd pull back and giggle. Cute :)

Grant found a place to play while we ate some more.

We visted the goats!

And poor Grant was worn out. But doesn't he look so cute in his little hoodie?
It was a good day and I'm glad we got to go. I sort of regret not taking Grant on any rides. But I was torn between not wanting to stand in the super long lines and wondering if he was still too little, although I would have been with him. I guess there is always next year :)

P.S. About an hour after we got home we realized Grant had a temperature and then he vomited all over me right before I was going to put him to bed. But that's a post for another day!

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