Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mush, Mama! Mush!

Our house is over-run with toys. Tons and tons of toys. So many that some get hidden by other toys and then I see them again and think "Holy crap! I forgot we had this." I set it aside and Grant has fun with it for a while. Then the toy ADD kicks in and he moves on to several others. I think it was last weekend - or possibly the week leading up to it - that after putting away a load of laundry I stuck Grant in the laundry basket and pushed him through the living room. But when I saw that huge smile on face, I kept pushing him. All through the house. Until I hurt my arthritisy hip. But now...riding in the laundry basket is pretty much his favorite thing. Ever.

"Hey! I know we all just got up and it's only 6:30 a.m. but
can I have a ride in the laundry basket? Please?"

 So after several attempts to find something to pull the laundry basket with that would keep me from bending over so far...I settled on one of the dog's leashes and spare collars. It worked perfect!

See! Genius!

Could you resist if all it took was a ride in
the laundry basket to get that smile?

 It has now become somewhat of a nightly ritual for us. We don't have a lot of room for this sort of thing...but Grant doesn't really seem to mind. And I like it because it's at least a small amount of exercise for me.

If the laundry basket is on the floor then Grant feels like he is due for a ride. So he climbs in and sits there clapping his hands just waiting waiting for me to hop up and hook up the leash. Which I usually do because I can't let him down when he's clearly that excited. Then I stuff a pillow behind him so he won't hit his head on the back of the basket. Although this serves another purpose because he'll usually recline so he can relax while he rides. You know, because he has such a tough day at school.

"Ummm...why aren't you pulling yet?"

"That's right. Mush Mama! Mush!"

"Um...are we done? You're sure? I'll get out if
 we're done....if you're sure."
He ownes me.

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