Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Longest Game of Hide & Seek. Ever.

Since the moment Grant entered this house for the first time Brodie has been trying to avoid him. Since the moment Grant first became aware of Brodie he has made it his mission to become friends. Brodie isn't as quick as he used to be. Now when he sees Grant coming toward him - running just as fast as little legs will go and yelling "AHHHHH!" with an open mouth ready to give a kiss - he sighs, gets up, and moves to another spot on the floor. And this is repeated until Brodie leaves the room (not so easy with all exits blocked by baby gates). When Brodie finally goes Grant stands there looking like he wishes he could follow him. Where does he go? On the rare occasion that Grant gets to run after him, Brodie can usually disappear before Grant can figure out where he went.

I know where he went. Brodie, who is far too big for these kind of shenanigans, hides under the bed. He always has. It's painful to watch him try to get under there and it's even worse watching him come out. The funnies thing is that he thinks he's well hidden. But Grant has found him out. I guess the two back legs, a tail, and...*ahem*...nutters hanging out from under the bed gave him away. Grant sat there laughing and pointing like he was trying to say "Look what I found!"  And then he attempted to go in after him.

I'm not going to lie. I got a little nervous. Even though Brodie had many exit routes, he's kinda persnickety and only gets out on that side. So he was a little cornered and that's not good. But he handled it. He even let Grant grab his foot a couple times before I could stop him. Brodie has never done anything that makes me think he'd hurt Grant, he's actually been super patient (and he's not a patient dog). But still, after taking a couple pictures I removed Grant from the area and let Brodie have his peace. So now he's been found out. There is no where in the house safe. Poor Brodie :)

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