Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New Look of Pitiful

I think the very first parent-trick Grant learned was his pitiful face. Since the first time I played peek-a-boo with him and substituted the "peek-a-boo" for a "roar!" and got the poked-out bottom lip, Grant has known how to work the pitiful face. He can poke out that bottom lip like no one I have ever seen and he knows what he can get with it. Or, at least what he used to get from it. We're on to that game...and it's not going to fly anymore.

No sir. I am not falling for it.
It seems that little Grant has noticed our stone faces when confronted with The Lip and has implemented a new plan of attack. Over the weekend while he was out of prison on good behavior, he decided to start removing various items from the entertainment center. Husband told him "Grant, no" firmly and with a note of warning in his voice. Grant looked in his Daddy's general direction and I swear I saw a flash of "I"ll show him" on his face. Then he went back to the entertainment center. "Grant, NO!" He turned his little self from the entertainment center, took three or four small shuffling steps...and then hung his head in shame. So SO pitiful...and then he quick cut his eyes at Husband to see whether he had his sympathy  or not. Seriously. We're in trouble with this one.


  1. BE STRONG!! I'm a HUGE fan of whoppin kids asses! LOL....he's cute though, you have a point. Formidable foe, I must say!

  2. He's got you right where he wants you!


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