Wednesday, September 28, 2011

13 Months (1 Year and 1 Month? Whatever)

I debated on whether or not to keep doing monthly updates. I wasn't sure if it was annoying or not past the first year. Then I decided that I don't care if it's annoying.

13 Months

Sometime in the past month I had a conversation with a friend about how annoying it is when parents refer to their kids age in months past the first year. I said that I wasn't going to do that...and I don't when someone asks. Grant's a year old - the end. Except for the purposes of these posts...then I'll probably do it in months, annoying though it may be (even to me).

So anyway, not much new to report. Grant had his first hair cut, which was much needed and he looks. And he is doing better with real food and we seem to have phased out all baby food. He just got to a point where he won't eat it. Which is great because he just eats whatever we have for dinner. He's doing really well with the whole milk although we still have to use a little strawberry nesquick in it. As long as it goes in his belly, I don't care. We're totally off the bottle. He stopped the nighttime bottle right after he turned 1 so he has milk while I read him his bedtime story and then he goes in the crib awake and puts himself to sleep. That's where it gets tricky. For the most part, he sleeps well. But lately he's been no one is sleeping well. But over all, it's been a good month to be a toddler :)

We tried out the sandbox again. Pretty much the same reaction as last time. But this time I got a shot of Husband IN the sandbox.

He hates me.

Please don't let go of me, Daddy!

He does like the squirty toys it comes with but if you notice
his bottom lip is poking out and he's about to start crying.
 We also got to take Grant to second hockey event, the Caniac Carnival. His first one was Fan Fair back in January when the NHL All Star game was played here in Raleigh. All of my excitement about going to the Caniac Carnival was to get Grant a Hurricanes t-shirt because we plan to take him to his first game this season (8 days until the start of the regular season - woohoo!). But guess what? There were NO t-shirts for boys smaller than a 2T which Grant could use as a nightgown. But they did have pink t-shirts for girls that were 3 - 24 months. Maybe they were out, who knows. But it sure didn't look like there was a spot for them. And as a mom of a boy, I have to say that it kind of makes me mad how much more stuff there always is for girls than boys. But anyway, lacking a t-shirt to buy for him I spied a stuffed mascott, Stormy the Ice Hog, and showed it to Grant. He immediately reached for it and wouldn't let it go. $21's now at the house being ignored. But it made him really happy that day.

Grant & Stormy
Grant also got to eat at Chargrill for the first time. He only had a
grilled cheese (and half my fries) but he seemed to enjoy it!

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