Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fan Fair!

What a weekend! Husband and I have been looking forward to All Star Weekend since they announced over the summer that it would be held in Raleigh this year. Since we couldn't get tickets to the game (because we aren't season ticket holders...and even if they were offered to us, Husband would have to pimp me out to pay for them) we decided to make the most of All Star festivities downtown. We planned to be downtown every day this weekend.

 So, Friday morning Husband went home sick from work and proceeded to throw up all day. Then Friday night I woke up from a sound sleep and proceeded to throw up all night. We spent the whole of Saturday glued to the couches and finally managed to muster the energy to watch the skills competition on TV...but we weren't really into it.

We woke up this morning feeling less like death than we did yesterday so we decided to check out what was left of Fan Fair. Which wasn't much...but at least we made it! They had most of it at the Convention Center in downtown Raleigh which was the only thing going on by the time we got downtown. And they had all kinds of things to do...if you wanted to spend most of the day standing in line. It was nice to get out of the house though and at least we can say we went. GO TEAM STAAL!!! :)

Entrance to the Convention Center. A lot of the buildings downtown were
decked out with some kind of All Star sign.

A giant picture of Eric Staal in the windows of the Convention Center.

Team flags and what-not

Ha! I couldn't resist.

A giant Stanley Cup replica. If you wanted to spend the rest of the day in line you could
get your picture taken with the real thing. I've already done that :)

Eric Staal's feet. Isn't that weird? They had a display of a bunch of players footprints. Why?

Grant's first hockey event!

Husband doing some card trading

Family pic!

Grant and a giant goalie mask

The place is kinda huge
Nate and his brother Scotty and Husband

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  1. this last pic is soooo good. im glad you both feeling better!


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