Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cereal: Week 2

So here we are again with the rice cereal. I have to admit...I took a two day break from it. I just didn't have it in me. I tend to take it personally when Grant doesn't pick right up on something. I'm going to blame that on breastfeeding since that went so well. I am learning - slowly - never to expect anything to be easy. So when we tried cereal that first time and he hated it, it was funny. When we tried it the next time and he hated it I called myself a horrible mother (insert my comment "F*** it! I guess he'll just take a bottle for the rest of his life!"). I can be ever so slightly dramatic at times.

On Sunday, after my two day cereal hiatus, I had low expectations. I knew that as soon as the spoon touched Grant's lips he would scream as if I was jabbing his lips with a paring knife rather than the offending spoon. Well, there was minimal gagging and only a general fussiness. Hmm...maybe I don't suck at this. Yesterday, I had to make him laugh and then quickly shove the spoon in his mouth...but again, no screaming as if he's being torn limb from limb.

Today I got to play proud Mommy! Not only did he OPEN his mouth for the spoon but he reached out for it! And when the spoon was heading back to bowl for refills he made noises like he was trying to say "Gimme it!" Eureka! It was retarded how proud I was of him - and a little proud of myself and my perseverence. And can I just say thank God! I totally flashed forward to Grant at the age of 8 or so and a relative calling wanting to talk to Grant. I pictured myself having to tell this person "Oh, you can't talk to him just now, he's having a bottle." And there would be Grant, laying on the couch, drinking from a bottle roughly the size of a coffee thermos.

"Get in my belly!"
Spoon in the mouth - no tears!

I can wipe my own mouth, thank you very much.
He is not as coordinated with a spoon as he seemed to think he would be.

All gone!

Some of it even made it in his tummy (the sad face is because he wanted more)

A bottle followed the cereal and this is what followed the bottle. Which meant Mommy got to spend some quality time with Private Practice. Thanks Grant!


  1. ha! thanks for the image of him having a bottle so old. i guess that would have been better than you still breast feeding at the age of eight.

    yay grant and yay you!

  2. OMG the thought of breastfeeding that little nipple monster at the age of eight just made my nips turn inside out.

  3. Tara - Grant is soooooo Cute!
    we just started rice cereal tonight...I think we made it to soupy....round two tomorrow hopefully will go better....


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